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讲者Kate Adams(凯特亚当斯)便是这么以为的。她是番笕剧的疯狂粉丝,也是新闻和娱乐界的从业者。当她赋闲,遭受人生低落时,她用自己经过看番笕剧总结出来的4个人生哲理,协助自己取得重生。她说,只需你还有一口气在, 改动你的故事永久不会太晚。让咱们一同来倾听她的人生故事吧!

Kate Adams:4 larger-than-life lessons from soap operas


In 1987, Tina Lord found herself in quite the pickle. See, this gold digg黄婷婷应援会er made sure she married sweet Cord Roberts just before he inherited millions. But when Cord found out Tina loved his money as much 宝瑞峰as she loved him, he dumped her. Cord's mother Maria was thrilled until they hooked up again. So Maria hired Max Holden to romance Tina and then made sure Cord didn't find out Tina was pregnant恒昌,追剧教会我改动人生的四堂课!,爱情循环 with his baby. So Tina, still married but thinking Cord didn't love her flew to Argentina with Max. Cord finally figured out what was going on and rushed after them, but he was too late. Tin奈曼一中成果查询a had already been kidnapped, strapped to a raft and sent over a waterfall. She and her baby were presumed dead. Cord was sad for a bit, but then he bounced right back with a supersma师生肉文rt archaeologist named Kate, and they had 恒昌,追剧教会我改动人生的四堂课!,爱情循环a gorgeous wedding until Tina, seemingly back from the dead, ran into the church holding a baby. "Stop!" she screamed. "Am I too late? Cord, I've come so far. This is your son."

1987年,蒂娜罗德发现自己深陷窘境。 所以,这个拜金女决议在 仁慈的科德 罗伯特 承继百万遗产之前嫁给他。 但当科德发现她爱他的金钱, 和爱他相同多时, 他甩了她。 科德的妈妈玛利亚很高兴 直到他们又搞在一同。 所以玛利亚雇了 马克思 赫登诱惑蒂娜, 并保证科德不知道蒂娜怀了他的孩子。 所以蒂娜仍是嫁了, 但觉得科德不爱她了, 所以就和马克思飞到阿根廷。 科德后来知道发生了什么事, 前去追逐他们,但为时已晚。 其时蒂娜现已被劫持, 她被绑在一条筏上,冲下了瀑布。 她和孩子被揣度现已逝世。 科德有点悲伤, 可是他康复的很快, 和一个叫卡特的 聪明考古学家在一同了, 他们举行了一场美丽的婚礼, 直到被以为逝世的蒂娜 抱着一个婴儿冲进教堂, “停!”她尖叫, “我来晚了吗? 科德,我战胜万难回来了。 这是你的儿子。”

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is how the soap opera "One Life to Live" introduced a love story that lasted 25 years.

而这,女士们先生们, 这便是番笕剧《只此终身》, 一个继续了25年的爱情故事。



Now, if you've ever seen a soap opera, you know the stories and the characters can be exaggerated, larger than life, and if you're a fan, you find that exaggeration fun, and if you're not, maybe you find them melodramatic or unsophisticated. Maybe you think watching soap operas is a waste of time, that their bigness means their lessons are small or nonexistent. But I believe the opposite to be true. Soap operas reflect life, just bigger. So there are real life lessons we can learn from soap operas, and those lessons are as big and adventurous as any soap opera storyline.

假如你看过番笕剧, 你就会知道那些故事和人物 或许很夸大,超出实践, 假如你是一个粉丝, 你会发现这种夸大很有意思, 假如你不是粉丝, 你会发现它们很心情化和浅薄。 或许你觉得看番笕剧 是浪费时间, 夸大的剧情意味着没什么教育意图 或乃至底子不存在。 可是我信任,反过来说才是对的。 番笕剧反映了人生,仅仅夸大些。 因為咱们能从番笕剧中 学到实在的人生道理, 而这些道理与番笕剧剧情 相同夸大且别致。

Now, I've been a fan since I ran home from the bus stop in second grade desperate to catch the end of Luke and Laura's wedding, the bimu2569ggest moment in "General Hospital" history.

我是个大粉丝,从二年级开端, 我每天从车站跑回家 就为了看卢克和罗拉婚礼的故事结局, 那是《归纳医院》这场戏曲的严重时间。



So you can imagine how much I loved my eight years as the assistant casting director on "As the World Turns." My job was watching soap operas, reading soap opera s and auditioning actors to be on soap operas. So I know my stuff.

所以你能够幻想我多么酷爱 担任《地球照转》八年的助理导演。 我的作业是看番笕剧, 阅览番笕剧本 并面试番笕剧艺人。 所以我知道自己在干嘛。



And yes, soap operas are larger than li宫崎泰成fe, drama on a grand scale, but our lives can be filled with as much intensity, and the stakes can feel just as dramatic. We cycle through tragedy and joy just like these characters. We cross thresholds, fight demons and find salvation unexpectedly, and we do it again and again and again, but just like soaps, we can flip the , which means we can learn from these characters that move like bumblebees, looping and swerving through life. And we can use those lessons to craft our own life stories. Soap operas teach us to push away doubt and 村官贪污腐化怎样告发believe in our capacity for bravery, vulnerability, adaptability and resilience. And most importantly, they show us it's never too late to change your story.

是的,番笕剧 比现实日子要夸大, 更大程度的戏曲化, 可是咱们的日子也能够相同严重、 利害关系也能够相同戏曲化。 人生傍边不断的悲欢离合 就像那些人物相同。 咱们跨过窘境,与恶魔奋斗 和在无意中找到了救赎, 并且咱们一次又一次的做这样的作业, 可是就像番笕剧,咱们能够改动局势, 也便是说,咱们能够从這些像大黄蜂相同, 被日子忙的团团转的人物身上 学到东西。 咱们能够用这些经验, 刻画出咱们自己的人生故事。 番笕剧教咱们不要置疑 并信任自己 英勇、软弱、 习惯及康复的才能。 最重要的,它们通知咱们 要改动自己的故事永久不会太晚。

So with that, let's start with soap opera lesson one: surrender is not an option.

所以,咱们从番笕剧的榜首课开端: 屈服不是挑选。



"All My Children"'s Erica Kane was daytime's version of Scarlett O'Hara, a hyperbolically self-important princess who deep down was scrappy and daring. Now, in her 41 years on TV, perhaps Erica's most famous scene is her alone in the woods suddenly face to face with a grizzly bear. She screamed at the bear, "You may not do this! Do you under恒昌,追剧教会我改动人生的四堂课!,爱情循环stand me? You may not come near me! I am Erica Kane and you are a filthy beast!"

《我的孩子们》的艾瑞卡 卡恩 是电视版的斯佳丽 奥哈拉, 一个夸大、以自我为中心的公主 她的心里深处是好斗和斗胆。 艾瑞卡在她41年的电视生计中, 或许是最知名的场景便是: 她独安闲森林里 忽然和一个灰熊面临面。 她朝灰熊大喊: “你不能这样! 你听不懂吗? 你不能接近我! 我是艾瑞卡 卡恩 而你是一个卑鄙的野兽!”




And of course the bear left, so what that teaches us is obstacles are to be expected and we can choose to surrender or we can stand and fight.

当然,灰熊脱离了, 所以这教会咱们 人生总会有妨碍 但咱们能够挑选屈服,或许站出来奋斗。

Pandora's Tim Westergren knows this better than most. You might even call him the Erica Kane of Silicon Valley. Tim and his cofounders launched the company with two million dollars in funding. They were out of cash the next year. Now, lots of companies fold at that point, but Tim chose to fight. He maxed out 11 credit cards and racked up six figures in personal debt and it still wasn't enough. So every two weeks for two years on payday he stood in front of his employees and he asked them to sacrifice their salaries, and it worked. More than 50 people deferred two million dollars, and now, more than a decade later, Pandora is worth billions. When you believe that there is a way around or through whatever is in front of you, that surrender is not an option, you can overcome enormous obstacles.

潘多拉的蒂姆 韦斯特格伦 最了解这个道理。 你乃至能够叫他硅谷的艾瑞卡 卡恩。 蒂姆和其他联合创始人 集资了两百万,建立公司。 但他们在第二年就用光了资金。 许多公司都在那个时分抛弃, 可是蒂姆挑选奋斗。 他刷爆11张信用卡, 担负了六位数的债款, 但这还不行。 两年来每两周发薪酬的那天, 他都会站在他的职工前 恳求他们抛弃他们的薪酬, 这有了成效。 超越50个人贡献了两百万美金, 现在,十多年后。 潘多拉的估值高达几十亿。 当你信任有方法 能够处理你眼前所面临的任何问题时, 屈服不是一个挑选, 你能够战胜巨大的妨碍。

Which brings us to soap opera lesson two: sacrifice your ego and drop the superiority complex.

來到番笕剧的第二课: 放下你的自负和略胜一筹的心情。

Now, this is scary. It's an acknowledgment of need or fallibility. Maybe it's even an admission that we're not as special as we might like to think. Stephanie Forrester of "The Bold and the Beautiful" thought she was pretty darn special. She thought she was so special, she didn't need to mix with the riffraff from the valley, and she made sure valley girl Brooke knew it. But after nearly 25 years of epic fighting, Stephanie got sick and let Brooke in. They made amends, archenemies became soul mates and Stephanie died in Brooke's arms, and here's our takeaway. Drop your ego闵国辉. Life is not about you. It's about us, and our ability to experience joy and love and to improve our reality comes only when we make ourselves vulnerable and we accept responsibility for our actions and our inactions, kind of like Howard Schultz, the CEO of S恒昌,追剧教会我改动人生的四堂课!,爱情循环tarb迁西廖水兵ucks.

这有点可怕。 这是对人道需求和过错的认知。 或许这乃至是对咱们自己 并没有幻想中那样特其他覺悟。 《斗胆而美丽》的 斯坦芬尼 福瑞斯特 以为她自己十分特别。 她觉得她特别到 不需求和来自村庄的普通人来往, 她还正告村庄的女孩布鲁克要知道这点。 可是在快25年的史诗般的奋斗后, 斯坦芬尼生病了, 让布鲁克进入了她的心里。 她们重修旧好, 從敌人变成了魂灵伴侣, 最终斯坦芬尼死在布鲁克的怀里, 这便是咱们学到的: 放下你的自负。 人生谈的不是你, 人生谈的咱们, 谈的是咱们享用高兴、爱情 和改进现状的才能, 只需在咱们最软弱的时分, 承担起咱们所作所为的职责 以及不作为的职责。 有点像霍华德 舒尔茨, 星巴克的CEO,

Now, after a great run as CEO, Howard stepped down in 2000, and Starbucks quickly overe杭州火球科技有限公司xtended itself and stock prices fell. Howard rejoined the team in 2008, and one of the first things he did was apologize to all 180,000 employees. He apologized. And then he asked for help, honesty, and ideas in return. And now, Starbucks has more than doubled its net revenue since Howard came back. So sacrifice your desire to be right or safe all the time. It's not helping anyone, least of all you. Sacrifice your ego.

在結束了偉大的 CEO 任职后, 霍华德在2000年辞去职务, 但星巴克因迅速地过度扩张, 形成股价跌落。 霍华德在2008年重新加入团队, 他做的榜首件事, 便是向18万电磁除铁器ccscd职工抱歉。 他向职工抱歉, 并寻求协助、真挚和主张。 现在,自从霍华德归队后, 星巴克的净利润超越两倍。 所以放下自己对正确和安全的巴望, 並不会协助就任何人,也帮不了自己。 放下你的自负。

Soap opera lesson three: evolution is real.You're not meant to be static characters. On television, static equals boring and boring equals fired. Characters are supposed to grow and change. Now, on TV, those dynamic changes can make for some rough transitions, particularly when a character is played by one person yesterday and played by someone new today. Recasting happens all the time on soaps. Over the last 20 yea恒昌,追剧教会我改动人生的四堂课!,爱情循环rs, four different actors have played the same key role of Carly Benson on "General Hospital." Each new face triggered a change in the character's life and personality. Now, there was always an essential nugget of Carly in there, but the character and the story adapted to whomever was playing her.

番笕剧课程三: 进化是現实的。并不是要你去当一位 一层不变的非必须人物。 在电视圈,一层不变意味着无聊, 无聊意味着随时会被辞退。 人物应该有生长和改动。 在电视上,那些充滿變數的改动, 能够创造出一些剧烈的改动, 特别是当一个人物昨日是一个艺人, 今日却是另一个艺人。 在番笕剧里,人物重塑是很常见的。 曩昔的20年里, 四个不同的艺人都扮演过 《归纳医院》的重要人物,卡莉 本森。 每一个簇新的脸庞都引发了 人物的日子和品格的改动。 尽管卡莉的实质还在, 可是人物和故事都要习惯扮演她的人。

And here's what that means for us. While we may not swap faces in our own lives, we can evolve too. We can choose to draw a circle around our feet and stay in that spot, or we can open ourselves to opportunities like Carly, who went from nursing student to hotel owner, or like Julia Child.

对咱们来说,这意味着 尽管咱们不能在日子中改换面庞, 但咱们能够进化。 咱们能够挑选画地自限, 或许咱们能够向时机敞高兴扉, 像卡莉,从一个护理专业学生 变成酒店业主, 像朱莉娅 查尔得。

Julia was a World War II spy, and when the war ended, she got married, moved to France, and decided to give culinary school a shot. Julia, her books and her TV shows revolutionized the way America cooks.

朱莉娅是一个二战特务, 当战役完毕候,她结了婚、搬到法国, 并决议去烹饪校园学习。 朱莉娅,她的书和电视节目 推翻了美国烹饪的方法。

We all have the power to initiate change in our lives, to evolve and adapt. We make the choice, but sometimes life chooses for us, and we don't ge恒昌,追剧教会我改动人生的四堂课!,爱情循环t a heads up. Surprise slams us in the face. You're flat on the ground, the air is gone, and you need resuscitation.

咱们在日子中,都有发动改动的才能, 为了进化和习惯环境, 咱们做出挑选, 但有时分咱们不得不向日子垂头, 意外扇了你一个耳光, 你躺在宠物老友记地板上,手足无措, 你需求恢復感觉。

So thank goodness for soap opera lesson four: resurrection is possible.

所以,感谢番笕剧的第四课: 重生是有或许的。





In 1983, "Days of Our Lives"' Stefano DiMera died of a stroke, but not really, because in 1984 he died when his car plunged into the harbor, and yet he was back in 1985 with a brain tumor.

1983年,《咱们的日子》的 斯特凡诺 德米拉死于中风, 但那不是真的,由于在1984年 他因车子掉进海港而逝世, 可是他在科斯塔沙滩独练1985年带着脑瘤复生了。



But before the tumor could kill him, Marlena shot him, and he tumbled off a catwalk to his death. And so it went for 30 years.

在肿瘤杀死他之前, 马里拉朝他开枪, 他摔进狭隘巷道逝世。 而这花了30年。



Even when we saw the body, we knew better. He's called the Phoenix for a reason. And 杨政东单here's what that means for us. As long as the show is still on the air, or you're still breathing, nothing is permanent. Resurrection is possible.

当咱们看到他的尸身, 咱们很清楚, 他被称作凤凰是有原因的。 这对咱们的含义是, 只需剧还在播出, 或许你还在呼吸。 没什么是不变的。 重生是有或许的。

Now, of course, just like life, soap operas do ultimately meet the big finale. CBS canceled my show, "As The World Turns," in December 2009, and we shot our final episode in June 2010. It was six months of dying and I rode that train right into the mountain. And even though we were in the middle of a huge recession and millions of people were struggling to find work, I somehow thought everything would be OK. So I packed up the kids and the Brooklyn apartment, and we moved in with my in-laws in Alabama.

当然,就像日子相同, 番笕剧总会有大结局。 CBS在2009年12月取消了 我的番笕剧——《地球照转》, 咱们在2010年6月, 录制了最终一集。 在那苦楚的六个月傍边, 我的人生看不到光亮。 即便咱们的经济仍在阑珊, 百万人挣扎着寻觅作业, 但我觉得全部都会变好。 我带着孩子,脱离布鲁克林的公寓, 和亲家一同 居住在阿拉巴马州。



Three months later, nothing was OK. That was when I watched the final episode美奴 air, and I realized the show was not the only fatality. I was one too. I was unemployed and living on the second floor of my in-laws' home, and that's enough to make anyone feel dead inside.

三个月后,没有好转的痕迹。 在我看了最终一集的播出後, 我意识到不只那个电视剧完毕了, 我也赋闲了。 我没有了作业, 住在亲家的二楼。 真的有够难过的。



But I knew my story wasn't over, that it couldn't be over. I just had to tap into everything I had ever learned about soap operas. I had to be brave like Erica and refuse to surrender, so every day, I made a decision to fight. I had to be vulnerable like Stephanie and sacrifice my ego. I had to ask for help a lot of times across many states. I had to be adaptable like Carly and evolve my skills, my mindset, and my circumstances, and then I had to be resilient, like Stefano, and resurrect myself and my care水沐晨光er like a phoenix from the ashes.

可是我知道我的故事还没有完毕, 也不会完毕。 我只需运用我从番笕剧 里学到的一切东西。 我要像艾瑞卡相同英勇并回绝屈服。 所以每天,我都会做一个奋斗的决议。 我要像斯坦芬尼相同软弱, 放下自负。 我要在许多州寻求许多协助。 我需求像卡莉相同长于习惯 并进化我的技术、考虑和境遇, 然后我还要像斯特凡诺相同坚强, 使我自己和我的作业重生 就像凤凰涅槃相同。

Eventually I got an int金正贤下车erview. After 15 years in news and entertainment, nine months of unemployment and this one interview, I had an offer for an entry level job. I was 37 years old and I was back from the dead.

最终,我得到了一个面试。 在新闻和娱乐界作业了15年, 赋闲了9个月 在这次面试之后, 我得到了一个入门级其他作业时机, 我其时现已37岁, 我复生重生。

We will all experience what looks like an ending, and we can choose to make it a beginning.Kind of like Tina, who miraculously survived that waterfall, and because I hate to leave a cliffhanger hanging, Tina and Cord did get divorced, but they got remarried three times before the show went off the air in 2012.

咱们都会阅历人生低落, 咱们能够挑选让低落成为一个起点。像蒂娜,奇迹般地从瀑布中存活下来, 由于我不喜欢剧情有悬念, 蒂娜和科德真的离婚了, 可是他们在2012年 剧终之前结了三次婚。

So remember, as long as there is breath in your body, it's never too late to change恒昌,追剧教会我改动人生的四堂课!,爱情循环 your story.

所以记住, 只需你还有一口气在, 改动你的故事永久不会太晚。

Thank you.